Welcome to my site. This site will go into detail of what if I had a net windfall of $5 Million. This site will be small which will mean I will likely do large ticket items. However, $5 Million is not a lot of money for someone that can’t work. This money will have to be used for not only acquiring things I will like to have, but also create a significant enough passive income to live off of.

With $5 Million, the majority of my income will be passive. This means that I don’t have to do anything to generate income. The most common way of passive income is investment funds, retirement funds, and 401k funds. These monies will grow no matter what I do or don’t do.

I will also have active income in the sense that I will have 3 house rentals. I consider this as active income as I will have to perform the duties of a landlord to keep the tenants or acquire new tenants. All of the details of what I will spend the money on will be located in this site.